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June 4, 6, 11, and 13, 2021 - TWLF Managing Member and NYCLA ADR Committee Co-Chair Elan E. Weinreb once again assists in organizing NYCLA's "Part 146-Approved Advanced Divorce Mediation Training," a four, half-day Friday and Sunday advanced online divorce mediation training course designed for attorneys previously trained as mediators wishing to expand their practice into the field of divorce mediation.  Led by Prof. Robert Kirkman Collins of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, the course covered the basics of New York divorce law and explored a systematic approach to applying forty specific mediation techniques to overcome challenges presented by divorcing couples.  In addition, the program covered how to aid these couples in reaching detailed consensus on issues regarding the parenting of their children, equitable distribution of property and liabilities, division of retirement assets, responsibilities for basic and extraordinary child expenses, spousal assistance, health insurance coverage, tax questions, the strategic timing of divorce, drafting settlement agreements, and how to obtain an uncontested divorce decree.  


Thanks once again to Prof. Collins and his "terrific three" facilitators--Dorothy Kaldi, Esq., Charles M. Newman, Esq., and Sheryl-Anne Sastow, Esq.--and special thanks to NYCLA's own "terrific three" CLE Institute officers--Director Bari Chase, Esq., Program Assistant James Miller, and Legal Technology Operations Manager Daler Radjabov, Esq. (whose wife, believe-it-or not, brought their son into the world mid-program at 4:57 p.m. on June 13th)--for an educational, entertaining, memorable, and phenomenal program!

May 27, 2021 - NYCLA Vice President Adrienne Koch presents NYCLA’s ADR Committee and Supreme Court Committee with the Kobak Prize/Award for their CLE program on “How We Kept Things Running During the Pandemic: Award Presentation and Program”, held on March 4, 2021.  The Kobak Prize is selected by NYCLA's President-Elect and is awarded to NYCLA Regular or Special Committees, Sections, or Task Forces that have developed programs or projects which have been innovative, of high quality, and have had or are likely to have an impact on the betterment of the law, our judicial system or NYCLA itself.  The award consists of a cash group prize. 

Congratulations to TWLF Managing Member and NYCLA ADR Committee Co-Chair Elan E. Weinreb, Co-Chair Christopher Fladgate, Esq., Vice-Chair Nelson E. Timken, Esq. and Supreme Court Committee Co-Chairs Alyssa Goldrich, Esq. and Russell D. Morris, Esq.  for this impressive honor!



UPDATE - May 4, 2021 - Managing Member Elan E. Weinreb hosts an informative and productive online meeting lasting approimately two hours with bar association leaders from the New York State Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section, New York City Bar Association, and other bar associations or ADR organizations throughout the United States on the issues raised by the petition, leading Mr. Weinreb to create an online Table of State Neutral Compensation Statutes.  When complete, the latter will be a most useful resource for effectuating change.  




April 19, 2021 - Managing Member Elan E. Weinreb starts an online petition on change.org, entitled "Fairly Compensate New York Court Mediators, Neutral Evaluators, and Arbitrators" to remedy the inequity, injustice, and unfairness of mediators, neutral evaluators, arbitrators, and other alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") professionals who work in New York court-annexed ADR programs receiving nothing or, at best, meager compensation for the many hours they spend preparing for mediation and other ADR sessions as well as for conducting portions of those sessions.  Click here to sign the petition, and please promote it as best as possible.  With some luck and divine assistance, New York may soon have a neutral compensation statute similar in nature to the federal statute (28 U.S.C. Section 658) already in existence. 

April 22, 2021 - In conjunction with a number of judges and esteemed practitioners, Managing Member Elan E. Weinreb serves as a panelist at NYCLA's 44th annual Civil Trial Practice Institute on the topic of "Skills & Ethics - Preparing for Trial, Conference, Settlement, and Mediation."  A copy of his PowerPoint presentation, entitled "The Basics of Part 146 Court-Annexed ADR," can be found on the Resources & Articles page.

UPDATE - April 8, 2021 - Managing Member Elan E. Weinreb is confirmed as an active arbitrator on AAA's Consumer Panel.


UPDATE - February 18, 2021 - Managing Member Elan E. Weinreb is now confirmed as holding "active" status on AAA's Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators (General Commercial Panel). 


December 8, 2020 - The American Arbitration Association ("AAA"), one of the foremost Alternative Dispute Resolution providers in the world, welcomes Managing Member Elan E. Weinreb to its Roster of Arbitrators and Mediators (General Commercial Panel).  Mr. Weinreb is thrilled to be part of this wonderful organization and looks forward to receiving "active" status on the roster after attending AAA's official training for new neutrals, currently scheduled for February 2021.

April 1, 2021 - The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution ("CPR"), a renowned international Alternative Dispute Resolution provider, welcomes Managing Member Elan E. Weinreb to its Panels of Distinguished Neutrals as an arbitrator and mediator (New York City ADR Panel).  Mr. Weinreb is thrilled to be part of this wonderful organization!

UPDATE - March 23, 2021 - The CLE roundtable discussion following presentation of the awards described below, which includes an interesting response from New York State Unified Court System personnel on mediator compensation for New York mediators serving in court-annexed mediation programs, is now available for purchase from NYCLA.  If you are interested in lobbying for a New York mediator compensation enabling statute, please visit the "Contact Us" page and use the form there to send TWLF Managing Member Elan E. Weinreb, Esq. a message indicating your interest.


March 4, 2021 - The New York County Lawyers Association's ADR and Supreme Court Committees Honor New York Unified Court System Personnel - On a memorable Thursday evening, March 4, 2021, members of the New York Unified Court System were honored at an award ceremony and program for their invaluable service in promoting and otherwise making ADR and Online Dispute Resolution ("ODR") initiatives, options and services accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The awards--in a not-too-subtle nod to The Oscars--were called the ODRs (pronounced "Odders") in recognition of the tremendous expansion of Online Dispute Resolution occasioned by the pandemic.


The event was sponsored by NYCLA’s ADR Committee, Supreme Court Committee, and the American Arbitration Association.  ADR Committee Co-Chair and TWLF Managing Member Elan E. Weinreb, Esq., Co-Chair Christopher Fladgate, Esq., and Vice-Chair Nelson E. Timken, Esq. served as moderators of the event along with Supreme Court Committee Co-Chairs Alyssa Goldrich, Esq. and Russell D. Morris, Esq.  Clara Gross, a student member of the ADR Committee, also served as a moderator.

The Hon. Deborah A. Kaplan, J.S.C. received the Group Excellence Award for her remarkable leadership during the COVID-19 crisis.  Members of her team receiving individual Excellence awards were Simone Abrams, Deborah Edelman, Kevin Egan, Michele Kern-Rappy, Joan Levenson, Jean Norton, Denis Reo, Vincent Riccobene, Loren Schwartz, Peter Sorrento, Miles Vigilante and Sam Wilkenfeld.


In addition, several Office of Court Administration officials received ODRs.  Lisa Courtney received the Education Award, Lisa Denig received the Pioneer Award, Amy Pontillo was the recipient of the Leadership Award, Carol Swidler was recognized with the Resilience Award, and Daniel Weitz received the Visionary Award.


Following the ceremony, Jeffrey T. Zaino, Esq., Vice President, Commercial Division American Arbitration Association and several of the honorees, including but not limited to Justice Kaplan, Dan Weitz, and Lisa Courtney, participated in a panel discussion on how they and other Unified Court System personnel kept things running during the pandemic.  The panelists also discussed the future of ADR and ODR in the post COVID-19 era.

February 19, 2021 - "Of Pandemic and Perseverance: NYCLA’s ADR Committee Makes Lemonade Out of Lemons in 2020" -
In an inspiring article published on mediate.com (printer-friendly version available here), the New York County Lawyers Association's Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee's Co-Chair, TWLF Managing Member Elan E. Weinreb, Esq., Co-Chair, Christopher Fladgate, Esq., and Vice-Chair, Nelson E. Timken, Esq., recount the Committee's many activities, events, and programs run throughout 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

January 4, 2021 - Best wishes for a blessed, happy, healthy, productive, prosperous, successful, and wonderful 2021 to all (and let's all hope and pray that the new year will certainly be better than 2020).  As a Jewish New Year greeting goes, "May last year and its curses end as the new year and its blessings begin!"  Stay strong and be safe! 

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